Blog 33

Greg Gregory
Thu 4 Dec 2014 11:53

Thurs 4th December 2014
Local Time 1010 (GMT-3).
Position 19:57.70N 51:38.47W
Nautical Miles covered 1914 at 0720 GMT

Just as we finished yesterdays blog a pod of Dolphines 12-15 in number kept us company for 20 minutes or so.

Yesterday we sailed mainly with the spare cruising chute and then pulled out the mainsail until the evening when we sailed on the chute only through the night. This was only after the skipper had the crew carrying out hoisting and dropping drills just in case it had to be dropped during the night.

We were perfect –and when we did a sail change this morning the chute came down just as it should !!

Last night we were treated to a typical French Savoire dish –a Tartiflette usually made in french ski resorts around Chamonix by our in house gourmet cook TC.

Progress has been slowing as the winds are becoming lighter. The waves are calmer and it it gradually getting a lot warmer .

Our arrival in Antigua may be delayed 24 hrs.


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