Blog 33

Greg Gregory
Fri 5 Dec 2014 12:55

Fri 5th December 2014
Local Time 1100 (GMT-3).
Position 18:36.83N 53:56.65W
Nautical Miles covered 2039 at 0720 GMT

The winds have dropped to a consistent 9/10/11 knots from the South, not the 20 -25 knots from the East expected in this part of the World. Progress is slow, and there is little we can do about it.

We have a satellite phone which uses a narrow bandwidth so normal communications, such as personal email, Internet, facebook are impossible. We have no access to News, so have no idea what is happening in the outside World. We can send minimal truncated emails (a Blog each day) and make a phone call every day or 2.

To all our friends and followers, we are unable to see your messages, or indeed, to reply. We shall catch up when we reach land !

We have been sailing for 2 weeks now with no sight of land, we have only seen 3 or 4 other boats, our landscape is 360 degrees of sea from horizon to horizon.

Have we become “Stir Crazy”, is this how one adapts after a couple of weeks into a prison sentence?

Is our beautiful yacht, now the prison ship “Dolce Vita” with no means of escape ?


Cap’n Greg

P.S. Fortunately the crew are all getting on and we are keeping each other’s spirits up.

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