Blog 23

Greg Gregory
Tue 25 Nov 2014 07:32

Tuesday 25th November 2014 Local Time 0630 (GMT-1) first Time Zone passed
Position 23:37.79N 26:59.06W at 0720 GMT
Nautical Miles covered 628

In the trade winds now, sailing downwind using foresails, staysail and genoa, poled out. Jonathan Cole, (a very accomplished sailor), told me that when a sailing yacht is set up just right, it “hums”.
Dolce Vita is “humming”!

The weather is balmy, 25C at night, no more dampness and condensation.

I had a real bonus yesterday, Iridium, our Satellite Communications Company credited us with 200 minutes, to compensate for problems, thanks Iridium.

We caught our first fish yesterday, (type unknown) and are having it , together with some of our Bacalao, (Salted Cod) in Fish Soup tonight.

Everything is going well aboard Dolce Vita, we have now had 4 days aboard, and are getting into a rhythm of watches, sail trimming/changing, and, cooking.
We’re all “humming”!!

Cap’n Greg

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