Blog No 17

Greg Gregory
Wed 19 Nov 2014 17:04


Wednesday  19th November 2014

Local Time 1535 (GMT)

Position 28:28.06N   16:14.65W


Yesterday I, (TJ), travelled  to Gatwick from Cambridge and met up with Pete who had come from Rye. Our flight was on time and we were met at Tenerife airport by Cap’n Greg in a hire car.


We were immediately faced with our first challenge of gathering provisions at the supermarket. The Captain told us “no impulse buying” !!!. Then off to the marina to find Dolice Vita in Santa Cruz which is at the NE end of the island- a drive of ¾ hour.


We were soon unpacked and had our first beer.


Today, we were woken by the morning announcement from one of the cruise liners in the adjacent dock. Low cloud and rain greeted us and Cap’n Greg soon has us carrying out various tasks to make the boat ready. One task included reconnecting the yachts satellite phone to the new aerial which Pete had bought over with him from the UK (see previous blog).


Next on our programme for the day was another trip to the shops for further provisions and the yacht chandlery for rope and self- amalgamating tape.


The afternoon has been spent storing the provision and this afternoon back to the airport to collect Tony (TC) who is flying in from Manchester –flight we understand already delayed by 30 minutes.




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