Blog no 14

Greg Gregory
Wed 5 Nov 2014 10:16

Wednesday 5th November 2014
Local Time 1000 (GMT)
Position 28:07.85N 15:25.53W

Having dismantled the aft cabins, to reveal the diesel tank, the leak was traced to the fuel guage sender unit, replaced 2 months ago in Torrevieja!. Rather than bodge it myself, I waited until Monday when the boatyard opened.
Marco and Jilero duly arrived on Dolce Vita on a golf buggy, and after 3 trips back & forth to get tools, parts they’d forgot, finally solved the problem after 4 hours by fitting a rubber seal that had been omitted in Torrevieja. All in all it took about the same time as a round of golf!

High winds in Lanzarote, abated yesterday morning, and we set sail at 0600 for Gran Canaria, 92 nm away, hoping to arrive before dusk. We had fair winds all the way, an enjoyable sail, accompanied part of the way by a school of 10 or so dolphins, playing in our bow wave. Despite an average speed of 6.8 knots, we arrived in the dark, due to my miscalculation!

Blinded by the lights ashore, we narrowly avoided collisions with, freighters, tug boats,and a cruise ship! We anchored safely, and are just about to go ashore to explore the delights, of Las Palmas the capital.

Cap’n Greg

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