Blog 38

Greg Gregory
Tue 9 Dec 2014 17:21

Tues 9th  December 2014

Local Time 0310 (GMT-4)



We had a relaxing evening in Nelson’s Dockyard, now a National Park and Historic Treasure.


Our beautiful @EACH Spinnaker is being repaired in A & F sail loft !


I have to admit my crew availed themselves of liquid refreshment at the local bars, and are a little jaded today.


I have managed to wring out of them their thoughts on the trip:-


TJ:- “A truly amazing lifetime experience”


Pete:- “Some people find the isolation of being alone 1,000 + miles from civilisation, a life changing experience. I found it  a good laugh, thoroughly enjoyable”


TC:- “As well as being a personal challenge, it was good fun”


The crew of Dolce Vita

Nelson’s Dockyard

English Harbour