Greg Gregory
Thu 9 Oct 2014 18:34

Date 9th October 2014
Local Time 1700 (GMT +2)
Position 37:09.63N 01:48.79W

Today started as the morning after the night before. A few too many jolly sailors last night, Cap’n Greg, to name but one..

Set off slightly later than planned around 8.30am for the next leg of the journey, an epic 10 hour sail was planned.

An exciting start we found ourselves sailing into an area of sea being used by the Spanish military for shooting practice; we were politely asked to change direction by naval types on a speed boat.

We got some good sailing in today, speed up to 7.5 knots with the main and genoa up.

Later on we saw a school of dolphins which was nice to see, but the dolphins were not interested in sticking with us.

We resorted to plan B which was to anchor sooner just off a beach to the north of Garrucha as we were running out of light.

Time for a lovingly prepared meal ‘Paella’ by Chris

James B. Crew member number 4. Marina Del Torre (North of Garucha Oct 2014).

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