Blog 21

Greg Gregory
Sun 23 Nov 2014 17:56

Sunday 23rd November 2014
Local Time 0730 (GMT)
Position 26:02.69N 21:26.81W at 0730 GMT

It’s my turn to do the blog today, probably because everyone else is still recovering from various bouts of sea sickness. Even Cap’n Greg could not hold on to my chicken povencal and refused the sausage and egg fry-up I made last night.

Our progress continues to be good having completed 320 NM in 2 days. The weather, however, has been terrifying with a continual series of squalls which pushed wind speeds up to the mid 30 knots in a matter of seconds, whilst wave heights have been up to 6 metres. Some of these have crashed over the side of the boat drenching us all. I feel like a cork bobbing furiously in a series of rapids.

Today the wind has veered round to the North East and the boat is being pushed along nicely, and we have blue skies. Things seem to be settling down and we look forward to being in the Trade Winda in 2 or 3 days time. Even so, if I am asked to be the cook tonight, they will only get bread and jam!

TC 1st mate.

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