Greg Gregory
Mon 8 Dec 2014 05:57

Mon 8th December 2014
Local Time 0340 (GMT-4 . We’ve changed the clocks again).
Position 17:17.96N 60:51.68W
Nautical Miles covered:- 2506 at 0720 GMT

It is 0340hrs, TJ is on watch. I went up on deck to see him, only to find we have a sea mist, and visibility is down to a few metres.
We switch on the Radar, and find there is nothing around (what’s new?).
Our port navigation light has broken so we change it. We are now within 60 miles of Antigua.

I am so looking forward to us completing our adventure, that, although I go back to bed I am too excited to sleep.

There are also a few jobs aboard before we moor, or anchor, on Antigua.

I have the Antigua courtesy flag ready, for when we catch sight of land, ( unlucky before ! ).

To make space for domestic waste we have carried for over a fortnight, we deflated our mooring buoys, and they need blowing up again

The anchor has to be put back on the bow roller, since it has been safely stowed, to prevent it dropping out with 70 metres of heavy chain, in case of an inversion!

Once we reach land in a few hours time, we shall try and find WiFi, and report our safe arrival, together with some photos.

Cap’n Greg

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