Last post for a while

Alex Belmont
Fri 19 Oct 2012 01:30
We've made it to Australia, so it looks like I won't be doing much long voyaging until I manage to find a next boat. I guess that means I don't need satphone service for a while. As this blog is tied in with the satphone plan, it too will be on hold until I find that next boat and start crossing oceans again...

In the meanwhile, you can stay in touch with me by email at Afbelmont {CHANGE TO AT} gmail {DOT} com or through facebook at

I don't do much with my facebook, but maybe I'll actually post what's happening on my timeline. Maybe...

One more thing before I sign off - My very good friends, Tom and Kim, of the very cool boat, Karaka, are the subject of a documentary film in the making. Go to to check out what it's all about. If you like what you see (which of course you will), you might be able to help the project along with a donation. Spread the word.

Well, I think that's it for now. I need to go finish the whole importation process for Moondance and then get down to work making her look real nice and pretty. Thanks for reading about my travels. Smooth sailing to you all.