Safe! 15:34.85N 119:11.76W

Alex Belmont
Tue 12 Jul 2011 01:05
We are definitely clear of TC Calvin. We had a couple days of sloppy seas,
gray skies and a little rain, but never saw wind over 25-30kts. The
northerlies that Calvin brought us (we were NW of the low) really helped to
push us clear of the storm. We were very lucky with how easy the last few
days turned out. The sun came back this morning, the sea is settling, and
we're reaching in about 10kts under full sail.
Orianne is turning out to be a pretty fast boat. We have only had one day of
less than 100 miles, and have had a couple 130 mile days. Not bad (for a
heavily loaded 40' steel cruiser). I think we should really move when we hit
the trades.
Still no fish, but we have picked up some birds; some sort of booby we
think. Two days ago, three of them were perched on the bow pulpit.
Next step: pick a fast route through the doldrums...