Update from Martin - 17:19.24S 171:00.43E

Alex Belmont
Thu 6 Oct 2011 22:47
I’m writing to tell you how happy I am to have made it here, even though we are still 170 miles from our destination. This is something called anticipation and I wonder if I’m allowed to say I have a pocketful of it.
VANUATU, VANU-ATU. VA-NU-ATU. VA-NU-F’_ING-ATU. C-E-E-E-C-B if you care to sing along.
It has been nearly 3 weeks we left Suwarrow and fish-coconut binomial stravaganzas. It might sound like a stretch but it’s thoughts like this that catch my mind... AND SO ON.
The “Good-Things-Cupboard” was emptied some time ago of its original premium edible contents and subsequently filled with lurking books which we don’t eat. I doubt glue is made out of organic matter anymore.
We’ve been feeding mostly on 40 pounds of flour we were keeping for times of need like this. Boatmade flatbread has been a great addition to our diets. Once in a while someone will bring out a can of cheese or Danish made pseudo-pate from a hidden place under his or her bunk, we’ll have a small shot of Tequila each and call it a party.
This is my third blog entry and I’m trying to treat grammar and syntax as I’d like to be treated following biblical dispositions. William Burroughs persona might be cool in a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas way, but most of us don’t have the will or the drugs to sort him out.
The thing is that I’ve been reading a couple of paragraphs on composition and I’m starting to take things too seriously and failing at it. It’s never easy to cling by rule sets. Reason inconveniently keeps us from lying to ourselves.
Current Issues and Enduring Questions: Methods and Models of Argument is one of those dense thick volumes with new-age covers which aim to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers (broader than English undergraduate students) which will buy it expecting life-revealing answers they won’t have the patience to find. But luckily while sailing across the pacific without children you come across a vast amount of hours to spare.
SO. If I want to keep the ethical appeal of my writing, the writers tell me, I should “avoid blunders in logic, misleading quotations and snide remarks”. Be-cause: “All such slips can cause readers to withdraw their sympathy from the writer”.
I should also avoid abusing the first person personal pronoun “I”. Mmnh, Yes? And I should not be talking about the tricks-of-the-trade either. Non? But this is an amateurish performance with exposé. I’m not ready to witness any of you sinking my ship, so I’ll take preemptive action and sink it myself.
A legendary soccer player once said that when the seagulls follow the fishing boat there are sardines to be caught. His name was Eric Cantoná and neither never ever since nor up until then has correlation implied causality.