Almost to Suvarov/My birthday - 13:57.77S 160:25.53W

Alex Belmont
Sat 10 Sep 2011 04:24
Should be in Suvarov day after tomorrow. We've had a pretty uneventful sail.
A couple days of light/nonexistent wind really slowed us down, but the wind
returned two days ago, pushing us along nicely. We've had very short steep
seas today. The boat is really rolling making cooking a challenge and
forcing us to hunt down sliding and rattling cans, bottles, buckets etc.

Other news... Today I am 24. Yep, the big two-four. Not much going on in the
way of celebrations, though I hear rumor of sunset tequila shots. We will
also have a big birthday bash (Tom's is on the 11th) when we get to Suvarov.
I remember that as a kid, time seems to go so slowly, allowing us so much
time to explore and do whatever strikes our fancy. Then as you get older the days pass much more
quickly, tending to blend one into the next. This past year for me has
slowed way down again. 23 is not seen as an especially exciting age to be. It's
not like 21 when you can first drink (in the US) or 25 when you can rent a
car (yee-haw), or 55 when you can get senior ticket prices at the movies. But 23
was a pretty good year for me. Looking back on all that's passed since last
September 9th, it seems to have been an especially long year, filled with
more good things than several years combined. I hope 24 is even better.