It's a boy! 19:13.82N 114:14.78W

Alex Belmont
Sat 9 Jul 2011 00:10
No, none of the crew have given birth. The low we are rushing to avoid has
been named. Now we are running from Tropical Cyclone Calvin. Thank goodness
he's forecasted to be wimpy. We are already past the extent of Calvin's
projected path. He should grow through tomorrow (Saturday), with winds
maxing out at around 60kts, and start dissipating on Sunday. Just as we had
thought, we will be well clear by the time he gets this far north.
We have had near perfect conditions for the past 30+ hours. 10-15kts
shifting slowly from WNW to the N. We haven't had to hand steer since
yesterday morning, just trim sails and adjust the windvane from time to
time. Orianne is proving to be a very easy boat to sail.
Today Martin requested a glossary of Alex's sailing terms. I guess I have
been using some slangy sail talk. When I suggested, "lets just heat it up
and get some air moving", Kim had to tell me she had no idea what I was
saying. Oh well, I guess you can pick up some funky lingo racing in Santa
Cruz. The Saffron crew would have known just what I meant...
We can't seem to catch any fish. On our shakedown we just couldn't keep them
off the little rubber octopus lure Tom threw together for about 15 pesos.
But now our luck seems to have turned. We're not starving, but the whole
crew is in agreement; some seared yellowfin sounds quite nice.
We actually have been eating very well. We each cook one day out of four,
following the same rotation as our watches, so by the time it's your turn,
you've been thinking about what you are craving. Yesterday Kim made a creamy
soup with veggies and chicken, beer bread and brownies.