8:56.61S 140:09.75W

Alex Belmont
Wed 10 Aug 2011 18:15
Still on Nuku-Hiva. We moved to a better protected bay a few miles out of
town for a few days to get away from the rolly anchorage in front of town.
We are now totally enclosed in a tiny (just 1/10th of a mile across), steep
sided bay with excellent protection. With our cockpit covered with tarps for shade and the light breeze in here it is very pleasant. Today we will hike to the base of a
huge waterfall. Supposedly it's the third tallest in the world. We were
warned not to swim under the fall because chunks of rock often accompany the
water on it's descent. On the way back we will stop to buy fruit from a
woman that lives nearby. Citrus is in season, so we will definitely stock up
on the delicious pale green-yellow grapefruits grown here. Other than those
easy goals, our lives are pretty simple here. We don't want to stay too long
(we do after all need to get Orianne to Australia and get back to our boats
in Mexico), but we hear there is a huge yacht from New Zealand about to
arrive that throws massive parties. We can't miss that for the sake of
getting to Australia a few days earlier.