Time and tide (and cyclones) wait for no man...

Alex Belmont
Thu 7 Jul 2011 18:39
I'm glad we didn't wait any longer to leave La Paz. A low is developing near
Acapulco. It may turn into a cyclone, but so far doesn't look too serious.
We were expecting a bit more time to get clear of cyclones, but this system
is moving very fast (10-12knts WNW). Not to worry though. The low is
projected to cross our current position ( 20:35.03N 112:34.00W ) in about 60
hours. By then we will be well out of its path.
The past couple days have been very light with shifty winds (just as our
forecast predicted). Northerlies are starting to blow again and should be
strengthening over the next day, helping to push us further from the path of
this low. Because we still have to worry about getting out of the path of
cyclones, we've been motoring in the calms. With the return of consistent
wind, today should be the last time we motor until Nuku Hiva.