Nuku-Hiva! 8:54.89S 140:05.85W;

Alex Belmont
Sat 6 Aug 2011 01:34
We made landfall very early yesterday morning. The island is beautiful;
unlike anywhere I've ever been. Sharp, towering green mountains, fruit trees
everywhere and the smell was incredible as soon as we got close. It was like
right after a big rain mixed with sweet and spice, almost like some weird
curry. The town on Nuku-Hiva is made up of just 2000 people. We were not
expecting many boats to be here this time of year, but there are actually
quite a few. Within hours of landing, other crews were coming over in
dinghies to welcome us and answer any questions we had. Very nice. Today we
are just resting, relaxing, and starting to do a little work on Orianne. It was not a very tiring passage,
but still, after 32 days at sea I think we all deserve a bit of time doing
nothing. More to come soon...