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Alex Belmont
Wed 28 Sep 2011 21:27
- Sent this earlier, but it didn't go through. Oh well, here it is now -
A couple days ago our favorite sail, "the Mule" was torn. Luckily it was
just some stitching that had worn out, not the cloth itself. We dropped it
within seconds of the first sign of damage, so only about 24" of sewing was
needed. A relatively quick and painless repair was put into action and The
Mule flew proudly once again. We still have plenty to eat, but most of our
more exciting provisions have long since disappeared. I would be happy not
to look at another can of "Del Monte, Ensalada de Verduras" for a long, long
time. ConAgra - I'm not impressed. No matter what we do, the peas remain
hard and the carrots mushy. The bits of green bean are acceptable, but of
less quantity than I would like. As a result of our less than thrilling
produce selection, we are forced to get a bit more creative with meals. You
would be surprised what you can do with dried soya chunks given enough
spices. We also have been making bread pretty frequently. I have had some
tasty results with whole wheat and molasses, but Kim is definitely the
resident pro baker here.