We are in the southern hemisphere! 4:27.10S 137:42.03W

Alex Belmont
Mon 1 Aug 2011 20:44
We crossed the equator very early in the morning on July 30th. So far the
crew has not been able to observe any coriolis-related phenomena. I thought
my beard might be growing with a slightly more clockwise twist, but we
determined it was simply bed-beard (or would bed-face be the facial hair
equivalent of bed-head?). We had a party aboard Orianne to celebrate (our
equator crossing, not my beard). Chips, salsa, bean dip and a bottle of Coke
were enjoyed. We really know how to get wild.
The SE trades are much more S than E. We were expecting to be reaching most
of the way on this passage, but as it turns out, we have been close-hauled
for the past two weeks. I was getting a little worried we might even have to
throw in a couple tacks to hit the Marquesas, but we are finally able to
point at them. I don't know what brought us headwinds - just the time of
year, bad luck, some unintentional insult to Neptune, etc. - but I think we
are all tired of beating into the trades. Should make Nuku Hiva within the
next 72 hours. Looking forward to crispy fresh vegetables, ice cream and
beer. Need to sign off now - we Just caught a nice big mahi-mahi!