8 Dec - 1000 miles to go

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Thu 9 Dec 2010 13:21
17 full days at sea, numerous watches have been attended and a great many learning points have come up from various 'opportunities' that have arisen on board Moulin Rouge, but a particularly good milestone was reached today.  We now have less that 1000 nautical miles to go to get to St. Lucia, so we have well and truly broken the back of the 2700+ nautical mile passage.  A similarly important second rite of passage also passed today, we had sailed off of one chart and onto another, so when sitting at the nav station, the end really is in sight.
After a tiring couple of days sailing in challenging conditions, emails from home and these little achievements help to make us realise that this rollercoaster ride does come to an end....
A further matter we have come to consider is how important it is to be specific when wishing on shooting stars - simply requesting more wind can be a dangerous wish if boundaries are not established early...........