27 Nov - Not what it said in the brochure

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sat 27 Nov 2010 12:12
19:13.123N 25:10.200W
{GMST}19|13.1230|N|025|10.200|W|busy day|Sail change{GEND}
Back at the Guildford seminar the appealing north east trade winds seemed the idilic conditions to sail across the Atlantic ... but it seems no-one booked the right conditions ... our guess is for upwind sailing for several more days jet! Still it's lovely conditions so no-one is complaining. When Chris wished for more wind he was reminded to be carful what he wished for and he rapidly modified his wish to something rather more specific like a force 4.
Last night was a busy one for all the watches with sails changing sides, the pole going in and out, the engine going on and off and everyone generally being fully occupied. Whether our efforts paid off will be revealed in the noon positions.
Philip and Colin have been planning the route to allow for weather patterns for the next few days. They said it was all planned but a dice was spotted beside the chart table.

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