Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sun 14 Nov 2010 19:12
Andy, Chris and Philip are now in Gran Canaria and the boat is due for it's safety inspection between 11 and 2 tomorrow (monday).  All should go swimmingly, we hope that the inspector cannot read what the signalling flags spell out.......... There may be trouble if they can :-S  First dinner out for Andy and Chris was a rather poor McDonalds, but the challenge of ordering food in Spanish made things interesting.
Never trust Chris when he says he is 5 minutes away in a foreign place, he is more likely 45 minutes away.  Chris has now been banned from Naviguessing!
Andy and Chris have managed to walk across the island too - don't tell the rest of the crew, but they managed to do it at the narrowest part - major achievement as Andy had no shoes on...........
Next search is for fishing lures and some suitable footwear for Andy!