23 Nov - The one that got away

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Tue 23 Nov 2010 13:51
It's day 3 and we have worked into a sort of routine ... eat ... sleep and then repeat. Amongst this there has been some watch keeping to check that Ray keeps his eye on the ball.The night watches have been great for star gazing, the sea is the deepest blue and there actually are fish in the ocean.
Early yesterday evening the fishing line started to spin. Mark heroically dived into action to wrestle with what was evidentially a huge monster which would feed us for a week.After what seemed to be an hour or more, but was more probably a couple of minutes the monster was lifted on board. This beast was quickly identified as a Barracuda and a huge one at that measuring all of 18 inches long. Ben was quite keen to turn it into sushi but the consensus was to throw this baby back as there are plenty more fish in the ocean - hopfully it's mum. Barry as it became nicknamed swam away.
This morning were further allegations about the one that got away which were confirmed by the loss of the lure. If anyone finds a fish with our lure can they please fillet and freeze and we will collect it in St Lucia.

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