4 Dec - Strangers in the night

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sat 4 Dec 2010 12:39
The last 24 hours have been a continuation of our daily routine ... which basically involves eating and sleeping. For some of us there are watches to do as well ... and our time is broken up a little with bread making and sail changes from time to time - patricularly when Chris is on watch and keen to get every last bit of power from the sails. Mark is currently cleaning the decks, Philip is supervising, Ben is doing more sun sights with Colin supervising and Andy is ... you guessed it ... asleep!
Just when Philip thought he had mastered bread making, Colin introduced a new trump card of specialty breads. Today for lunch we have rustic parmesan and sun dried tomato rolls ... they are in the oven at this moment.
Last night Andy was woken during his watch to the sound of flapping wings. A fairly large bird had decided to travel with us for a while and is still here over 12 hours later. We are not entirely sure what it is but it seems more likely to be migratory and simply having a bit of a rest. Philip offered it some porridge but it declined ... the rest of us guessed it's natural diet to involve a higher proportion of fish. If any of our correspondents know what it is we'd be interested to know ... maybe an Egret?
Much of our fresh foods have been consumed now. We still have some oranges which are doing well ... a few apples too. The melons lasted almost 2 weeks - we should have got more of them. Dinner tends to involve some creativity with the "chef of the day" having a look in Tesco's (that's what we call our food store), and deciding from there. The choices have been pretty good and with Dyson (aka Andy - when awake) and Hoover (aka Ben) there is never anything left.
The idea of granting ourselves a public holiday seems to have lost momentum as no-one could really decide what benefits it would provide ... but movie night with popcorn and soda may not be far away.

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