19 Nov - Shopping and Jobs Day

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Fri 19 Nov 2010 15:36
It's hard to believe that there is anything we have not already shopped for ... but the list continued today with the fruit and vegetables. Then that has to be packed away ... always remembering we have to find it sometime! As if we were not busy enough we had a visit from some mast riggers claiming some work needed to be done at the top of the mast. A phone call to the mast manufacturer in the UK confirmed nothing needed to be done. Whatever their "game", it didn't work. Ben and Andy had mast visits to check equipment and put some padding on the spreaders. Colin and Philip set to with the computers ensuring we can remain in touch whilst at sea. Ben was horrified to find that his iPhone did not have a Spanish translation "app" that worked in the basement of the supermarket. Chris spent ages lubricating virtually everthing that could be lubricated and acquired some more gas cylinders ... phew ... a busy day!

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