another day flies by

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Tue 16 Nov 2010 21:53
Well, two days have passed since the last update and so much has happened.  Boat preparations are going well and on track for the Sunday departure.  Weather has been great today, but was certainly a little unsettled with torrential downpours in the morning rudely awakening both Chris and Andy who were quick to shut the open windows on the boat - fortunately with the heads being wet rooms, it does not mater too much when the heavens open and cascade in through the open window.  This lead to a further cleaning of the Heads - all is good!
The ARC safety inspection was a breeze, all was ship-shape and Bristol fashion as is to be expected from a vessel owned and operated by our skipper - Philip, it is lovely having an inspection when you know everything is in place and ready to go.
Andy Philip and Chris ventured into Shopping land and found 'corte ingles' a shop similar in style to a department store version of Marks and Spencers and set to gathering the essential 'treats' for the passage.  Two trolleys, 300plus Euros later we had completed the task and were very happy to hear that our treats would be delivered to our boat the following day between 9am and 2pm - so no carrying of the 8 boxes for us - result!!!
After shopping all headed to the sailing club for 'happy hour' for two free drinks and a kick start to the evenings entertainment.  It was at Happy Hour that we met up with James of Peters and May shipping - the get the boat home quickly from the otherside of the Atlantic option.  The drinking then ensued with lightening pace, we picked up Nick from Force four chandlery in the Sailors bar, then moved down the parade to get dinner in an italian restaurant courtesy of Peters and May - BIg thank You to James for this :)i
After dinner, we moved into another bar and continued to sample further beers, Jaeger bombs and assorted spirits, numbers started to dwindle and Chris and Nick left the bar when it closed at 4am................
Tuesday morning - Chris was officially not feeling at all good - now why could that be??!!!????  Chris spent most of the day in his bunk unable to move too far.  Andy and Philip ventured of for Lunch - chris remained at he boat, still unable to move.
Ben has joined us today with an uneventful journey, but Colin was supposed to join us this evening - we hope he is on his way, EasyJet cancelled his flight and have made his travel here an epic journey - more will follow on this soon.
Tonight will be a quiet affair after last night -Wednesday night is the big party night - what could possibly happen..........