3 Dec - Spinnaker training

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Fri 3 Dec 2010 12:45
Chris continued the spinnaker training throughout the day. Some people got up for this, some listened from the comfort of their bunk, providing appropriate encouragerment from time to time.
The only aspect Chris did not cover during the daytime phase of the training was the bit where the spinnaker is lowered and normal less exciting sailing conditions are resumed. We had planned to do this first thing this morning as the forecast was for the wind to remain steady and around 12 knots or less overnight. Well ... that was the plan. However around midnight, with the wind increasing to 23 knots and a boat speed over 10 knots ... with ONLY the spinnaker up ... and in pich darkness ... it became apparent that the next phase of the training was due. Deck flood lights on so we could see what we were doing and everyone came on deck so they didn't miss anything. Chris first put the rest of our sails up (this creates and bit oif a shelter for the spinnaker) then a racing spinnaker drop as we continued to drift along at 9.5 knots. With full main and jib Mark and Philip took their watch until 0300 trying to match Colin and Ben's 10.1 knots ... and almost succeeding!   
We have been doing some forward planning and it looks like we'll be home for Christmas as planned despite the relatively light wind conditions. Christmas present requests should be made in writing stating the recipients age and any preferences. We'll even bottle some sunshine. Christmas present wishes should be very specific as we have learnt our wishes on shooting starts needs to be! Lolly ... any specific wishes?