25 Nov - Filleting fish

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Thu 25 Nov 2010 12:30
21:51.970N 21:40.897W
{GMST}21|51.970|N|021|40.879|W|Filleting fish|Filleting fish{GEND}
The last 24 hours started with the chance of being quite dull ... but rapidly changed! Initially we had to motor, as with less than 3 knots of wind we were going nowhere. The overnight watches started to get some excitement with poor visibility for a time then the wind building (but from the west). We are now close hauled ... I thought it was all supposed to be downwind!
Andy heroically went for a swim to check under the boat after some vibration was reported. Nothing was found and as we are not planning to motor until St. Lucia we are happy. Sail trimmer Chris set the boat up as though racing around the cans and we are making excellent progress towards our waypoint to the north of the Cape Verde Islands ... by which time we hope to have found some north easterly winds.
Ben and Mark caught a fish which they "think" is a small Dorado. Dealing with the fish entertained them for some time (in excess of an hour and a half).
Then there was the water issue. Basically dear reader, the water maker has been used daily to fill one of our tanks. We know it is full when it overflows which is checked a while after Walter has been pressed into service. Philip became concerned when despite adding water to the tank the level kept going down until it was empty. After an investigation it transpired that we were using water from the reserve tank and thus Walter's efforts had been in vain thus far. With some ingenuity the reserve tank was filled from the currently very full tank ... and Walter then spent a few hours filling the in-use tank.
Who said the day was going to be boring?

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