Getting ready for the off ...

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sat 13 Nov 2010 18:48
{GMST}28|7.612|N|015|25.526|W|Getting ready for the off|Las Palmas{GEND} 28:7.621N 15:25.562W
With just a week to go the first of the crew arrive in Las Palmas this weekend. Andy and Chris first, followed by Philip. Colin and Ben arrive on Tuesday and Mark on Friday. Although a lot of provisions were put on board when Moulin Rouge was in the UK, fresh provisions are still needed along with the obligatory impulse purchases which are not uncommon in supermarkets. The temptation could be avoided if Tesco delivered to Las Palmas!
The ARC organisers have arranged numerous useful seminars and presentations which will inevitably interrupt the final preparations. One presentation is about setting up your sextant ... which is highly relevant as we plan to navigate using one to confirm that the GPS is correct.
There will doubtless be the obligatory social gatherings which we will be compelled to go to ....