12 December- Cravings...

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sun 12 Dec 2010 16:14
14:10.744N 55:05.800W
Having spent a couple of weeks on board a boat, our stocks of fresh goods and treats are now finally running short.  Selection is reduced, but there is still a good couple of week's food available if we are brave enough to venture into Tesco's.  Alibondegas are not holding quite the same excitement for dinner as they first were and we are all now starting to think of our first meal when we hit land.  Talk of ice-cream and strawberry cornetto's rate highly, Chris is looking forward to sampling the local rum punch and cocktails.  Philip has found a restaurant that apparently serves 32 ounce steaks - one of his first challenges when we arrive is to book a table!
We have observed that Andy has been a bit up-and-down in his performance, and if you look at the attached photo you will understand as we did when we made this discovery - he is now declared as the master snaffler!
Last night passed by without incident with good speeds being achieved, we are almost considering revising our arrival times, but we still do have a lull in the wind ahead of us, so we do not wish to get too ahead of ourselves.
We do have a couple of questions for our correspondents and we would be interested to hear your input and responses on these two questions:
1. As we are approaching the Caribbean, the question has arisen; why are pirates called pirates?
2. What is a spar-lash?

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