31 Nov - Wash Day

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Wed 1 Dec 2010 13:12
15:17.145N 28:07.576W
{GMST}15|17.145|N|028|07.576|W|Wash day|Wash day{GEND}
It was Ben's fault really. At least, he is the youngest member of the team anyway so on that basis alone it must have been his fault. In any case he started it ... washing clothes that is. This was followed by Colin, Chris and Andy and even Mark ... only Philip to go! The clothes line is the guard rail of course so the mission is to get to the clothes line with the now clean clothes AND the pegs whilst still holding on. Chris came to the rescue with a new technique which involved getting to the clothes line with the pegs attached to the legs of his shorts. This is presumably where the term "peg leg" comes from. If it hadn't been Ben's fault then it would have been Andy's as he was asleep! It was also Ben's fault that today is the 31st November. We decided that this was a nicer date than 1st December. Tomorrow will be 2nd December - in our own little kingdom 1st December just does not exist.
After a bit of a motor from Porto Grande in the Cape Verde Islands it's been great downwind sailing. Morale is good and a routine has developed on board. We have been tracking alongside another yacht for the past 2 days. We have tried to call them but no response ... we are guessing they are not doing the ARC or they would have answered. As it just looks like a Norwegian boat we are guessing that the skipper's name is Erik.
Cold at home? We are having lunch at the moment - in the main saloon out of the sun - it's hot! Ray is on watch for the time being.

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