5 Dec - Andy goes to bread school

Moulin Rouge
Philip Barltrop
Sun 5 Dec 2010 12:46
The opportunity presented by finding Andy on deck at 0900 this morning was one not to be missed and he was given an enforced session at bread school. For "operational reasons" Ben finished the bread making process and will doubtless claim any credit if it comes out well ... or deny involvement if it's not too good.
"The bird" as it became known yesterday eventually got fed up with our company around 2100 and flew off without even a thank-you. Presumably it was off to another ARC yacht we could see in the distance to entertain them as it had done us. Whilst we worked with the spinnaker in the afternoon it eventually found a supervisory location on the coach roof where it could see everything that was going on but also be relatively out of the way.
A passing ship yesterday allowed Colin to align the radar properly. Until then the blobs on the radar screen did not actually allign with the location of the vessel indicated ... which makes avoiding them somewhat tricky. During this exercise Philip attended an advanced DSC radio school session to call the ship to make sure it had seen us. We all guessed the call was really because he wanted someone sensible to talk to for a few minutes.
Many thanks to our weather routing advisor - Don. You're a great help confirming our reasoning and also making us think! There will be a drink at the bar in St Lucia for you ... you'll be there won't you!?

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