Work Progress

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Mon 10 Jun 2024 16:49
So I've been very useful today. I cleaned the bilges out of UHT milk which was a messy job. Bouncing around on the way to Plymouth my precariously placed crate of UHT milk crashed to the floor spilling about 10 litres of milk in to the bilges. I've updated all the software and charts, hungthe fresh food net, checked all lifejackets and tested all EPIRBS, PLBs and AIS beacons. Andy in the Fountain will be proud. I also checked all the life raft fittings.

I've entered the trip details to the Irish MRCC as Cara is Irish registered but also completed the trip on the RYA Safetrx app. I don't think I can do a lot more! Looks like it is going to be blowing hard on the nose on Sunday but maybe things will calm down down by then.

I've charged up all devices while connected to shore. Most will not be used as I want to keep this trip as minimal as possible so most will only be used in an emergency.

I've gone through all the medical equipment which is pretty extensive, I could start a field hospital here. No idea what some of it is but TMAS might be able to advise if the time comes to ever call them.

Coming down here I had probably the coldest sail I've ever had and this is supposed to be summer. I had 3 layers on but still the cold got through. Will probably have to start with thermals.

The greatest thing myself and David did prior to the off was catalogue meticulously where everything is. Its like a miracle going in to a full locker and coming away with the item you need first time. Although everything is not perfectly stored in the optimum lockers at least it is a starting point which I can change over time but always record where things are going.

One great item I bought and use extensively is the jet boil which is fantastic for boiling just a cup or two of water. It boils it up in about 90 seconds which save a lot of pumping to heat up and pressurize the paraffin stove. I have a gimbaled mount for it so just trying to decide where to locate it.

Anyway now that I have the blog working and I worked out position reporting the beer is all mine!