Work has Begun

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Sat 22 Oct 2022 18:15
After an early night I got on board Katy at 08:00. It was just after sunrise here. I wanted to get the heavy work done before the sun was at its fiercest so set to emptying the cockpit locker which is always very very full. It’s interesting emptying this as long forgotten boat things magically appear. I never did find what I was looking for in there. It was actually where it was listed as being and supposed to be but I couldn’t see it at first glance. I should trust the location list as it is rarely wrong.

The temperature got up to 29 degrees and I think I’ve lost a stone already. If it carries on like this I’m in danger of getting to a sensible weight.

The rigger turned up bang on time! Is this really Spain? We went through everything and he’ll be back Monday to get a start on things.

I bought a new inverter for the 12v socket which I’ve been testing today with various devices and it works absolutely perfectly unless you plug a kettle in to It which I did and blew a fuse for the socket. I have about a million spares so no harm done. This is an example of the marine products pricing rip off. I bought a big bag of various fuses, 100 in all from eBay, the same bag from a marine chandler would cost at least 10 or 20 times more. They sell them singly anyway. Pays to shop around.

The upshot is that we don’t be using the electric kettle at sea. It’s an electrical drain nightmare. Will have to be gas only but I tried the adapter set I have which doesn’t fit the UK fitting. It’s very odd as it is sold as a UK to international set. Have emailed the company I bought it from to ask what’s going on.

Off to the airport soon to pick up a hire car and a family (my own and not some random family) so should be back in bed by midnight hopefully.