Tracking Katy

Cara of the South - Westward Ho!
Gary O'Grady
Thu 6 Oct 2022 08:26
You can easily track Katy on this blog but there are a couple of other methods also. We may miss the odd daily blog so to keep right up to date you can track using the below resources, the first one is Garmin.
Password: Katy508

This is our on board tracker we have which is pretty good and I’d say 95% reliable.

The ‘YB Races’ app is the second one. This tracks our progress as well as showing our relevant position to the other boats on the rally. The app is available now but the ARC rally will only appear as a choice a few days prior to the start. tracks our AIS transponder but unless you buy a subscription you will only get coastal station reports and not the satellite functionality.

We actually have a further 8 tracking devices on board which aren’t easy to access and more for emergency response situations. EPIRB, PLB etc.