7 December

Wed 7 Dec 2011 12:33
12Z Posn 16 56.0N 58 19.2W
138 miles travelled in last 24 hours - mix of sail & motor.  Winds are light and on the nose. Just crossed the 200 to go mark at 08.40 (1140Z)
Caught a big Dorado yesterday - 10lbs.  Unfortuntately, the rusty hook let us down at the last moment and it got away as we tried to haul on board.  Oh well, some gin saved for our sundowners tomorrow night (should we arrive!).  Still had fish for dinner - last stocks in freezer eaten last night.
A quiet day yesterday. Magic dawn joined by dolphins. Hot on deck so lots of taking it slow.  Cloudy this morning and expecting rain later this afternoon for a few hours.  No one particularly happy about this.