Mon 21 Nov 2011 12:20
Noon Position 26 53.4N   15  59.1 W
The last 24 hours has seen winds from 22 to 3 knots, and we have now lost sight of land passing the southern tip of Furtaventura where we dodged three large ferries going to Gran Canaria. 
All the crew are feeling better and Mal de Mer has nearly gone helped by a very calm spell from 0400 to 0800.allowing rest apart from the watch keepers who were rewarded with a magnificent suinrise.
Thanks to Marwyn the spag bols was consumed with relish despite the looming ferry. We have seen two yachts this morning but not yet got to any ARC boats.  We have not yet lured the fish to bite as the provsions aboard are too temepting to resist.