30 Nov

Wed 30 Nov 2011 12:06
12Z  17 30.0N 038 21.0W
30 November 2011 or as those aboard like to call it, 'treat day'!  Passed the halfway mark last night and still going strong at 7-8 knots.  While not completely depleting the stocks, extra rations have been awarded today.  The lunchtime wrap will be accompanied by crisps & chilled cola and our last spagetti bolengese is defrosting for dinner tonight.
A couple more fish caught yesterday and lines back out today - one more required for a full meal compliment. The doctor has dissected the fish and found two blue squid, establishing the blue lure is the best.
Lines were pulled early yesterday as we were joined by a pod of whales surfing the waves by the boat.  As fun as it was to watch, we were all glad when they left us after an hour - one was looking particularly amourous towards the hull!  During dinner we were joined by a swallow.  Unfortunately it couldn't find anywhere to land and rest so flew off again.
We've seen/heard a couple of boats - presently one 6 nm on stbd beam. Otherwise nothing on the horizon except blue sky & suhshine..