Thu 24 Nov 2011 12:13
22 40.7N    022  44.8 W    
24 hour run 146 
Different writer today and it's me!
Elevensies about to be served on Boarding Pass and thought would be good opportunity to get you up to speed on the last 24 hours.
No fish biting yesterday though lines had to be pulled early as we were joined by a couple of dolphins for a short while.  A new fishing stragegy has been deployed today - no meals defrosted for tonight......Nick has promised to make Spanish omlette failing fish.
Girls cooked from scratch last night - Marwyn got the praise again and crew had to be corrected that this was our own pork/veg fusion cooking.
Changing up the desert routine, daily melon rations were swapped for pineapple last night.  Back on melon today.  Pineapple again for a weekend treat.
Had a reasonably smooth sail through the night surrounded by around 4 boats.  All taking a more southerly route than us just now so no longer in sight.
Hiccup with water supply sorted this morning - showers back on, phew!