Fri 25 Nov 2011 12:29
Position  21 56.7N  025 13.8W
Fairly relaxing until about half an hour ago when the Cessford fishing technique produced our first 5 lb King Fish - possibly Dorado. Tried to send photo but Irridium revoltefd. It took 4 grown men to land, and left Lucy and Fi in charge of boat. Gills were doused with gin; the only gin drunk so far in voyage - Lucy thinks the bottle looks emptier than the dose used on the fish - so who had a sneaky gulp we wonder.....
We have noticed air temperatures rising, but today pretty cloudy. Lots of washing out on guard rails - knickers seem to be offering more windage.
On a more serious note, at 0230 our position was 22 18.572N 024 05.532W, and 39ft Samson passed 1 mile astern. At about 0300 we picked up a squall on the radar and went sleigh riding for the best part of an hour - much fun up on deck but those sleeping not quite as enthusiastic! Skipper notes that we have just passed the quarter way of the passage. We will celebrate this with fresh fish and lemon tango. Skipper cooked an excellent spanish omelette last night with avocado starter. Melons are now getting very ripe so thinking of 101 ways to use them up.
All going well, crew all getting on excellently - Paddy's breakfast toast going down a treat.