28 Nov

Mon 28 Nov 2011 12:07
18 58.8N  032  24.0 W
Yesterday afternoon a goodly sized turtle swam past going east and waved her flipper at us - luckily she missed the line astern waiting for another fish.  Last night saw increased wind and all three watches reported better speeds with a 9.4 knots high and average in the high 7s.  The green apples had become very tired so have been converted into stewed apple and we had a pud last night with crumble and stewed apple on the cereal this rmorning.  What luxury thanks to the ladies and the brilliant power station which enables the microwave to feed us so well.  We are going to experiment with yesterdays fish in the microwave toiday as it is so meaty we can then get it all off the bone. 
Wow we now have another fish so will be feasting this evening.  We also have two boats in sight since first light  but neither appear on our AIS or radar and do not respond to vhf so no idea who they might be, but these are the first yachts seen for over 24 hours.