3 December

Sat 3 Dec 2011 12:27
12Z  16 13.8N 047 27.3W
Since yesterday's jybe been far flatter sailing which means everyone has been getting a better sleep.  Good winds have kept up and our daily run was 184 miles.
Caught up with a couple of cats on the ARC - one has a two man crew and the auto helm has just packed up.  Feel very sorry for them.  The other's main has broken & they're sailing under spinkier.  Touch wood, we're doing well!
After 2,000 miles of sailing and only seeing others in the distance, came very close to another yacht last night!  Their lights appeared and came progressively closer.  Got spotlight out and reckon they were crossing ahead within 200 yards of us.  Tried to hail on VHF but were ignored.  Thankfully they passed safely in front of us and sailed into the distance.  Wonder if someone was asleep on watch!  An exciting moment for us in the middle of the night though. Interesting discussion on COLREGS as we were on stbd jybe and they were crossing 2 sail reaching on port showing sailing lights.
Weather superb today and wishing the ice cream van would stop by!