Dec 4

Sun 4 Dec 2011 13:03
12 Z Posn 16 33.3N 050 29.2W
The countdown continues and as we write Antigua is less than 650nm away after a 176 days run. Some folk are fantasizing about rum punch and pina colada but we celebrated with lemon fanta and the last of the bournville after a delicious salad nicoise - the skipper made a mean brown dressing to go over the salad and the lettuce and tomatoes are still in very good shape
The swell is much less now and we are still running well on the other gybe.  It does mean we all get much better sleeps and can enjoy the fabulous warm weather with plenty of sun cream required by day.  We still await the third unlucky fish to compliment the two in the freezer for our last fishy meal before we see land again.  Last night we had plenty to see with ARC boats going south for St.Lucia.  Clearview II passed less then a mile below us at 0230 and Emilija passed well ahead.  A larger boat Margrathera was astern but she seemed to be slow for her 72 foot and we wondered if she was fishing. 
So we are all in good spirits and honestly worry about you all on 4th.December in sunny Scotland - or is it snowy now?