Dec 1

Thu 1 Dec 2011 12:08
12Z    16 38.6 N  41 23.5 W 
Daily run 182 nm 
Most of yesterday was spent salivating talking about the celebratory supper for passing half way to Anigua.  Another memorable Marwyn meal of Spag Bols followed by cheese and biscuits with coffee and bournville chocoplate was much enjoyed as the sunset allowed the new moon to show her face.  Despite a lovely sunny day we did not catch any more fish to supplement the two already in the freezer, but we will not starve with the superb stock of provisions - it is with slight relief that the compulsory melon pud is soon to run out and be replaced with stewed apple saved from going off by the lassies helped by trhe microwave.
We had another boisterous night with winds increasing at times to over 30 knots but the boat handles superbly, and well reefed down we kept 8-9 knots with a smooth ride allowing those off watch to sleep.. Between midnight and 0400 we heard an interesting vhf chat from 6 miles astern when two yachts exchanged information on collision avoidance!  The overtaking yacht had failed to spot the other vessel less than a mile ahead.  The radar and AIS system on Boarding Pass III are first class in keeping a good look out to aid our eyesight.
A bit cloudy today with the odd spot of warm rain but we maintain good speeds of around 8 knots this morning and the gps tell us it is less than 1200 miles to go. The boat time is going back again so signing off at 0940  with 20 minutes to go before taking our midday GMT daily run.