29 Nov

Tue 29 Nov 2011 12:23
12Z 18 08.3N  035 23.9W
Winds have really picked up over the past 24 hrs with speeds of up to 27 knots seen. Boat is coasting along at between 7.5 and 8.5 knots. The main is being reefed to keep us below 9 knots. We've covered 178 miles in past 24 hrs! The weather is beautiful with decks drenched in sun - all in all it's superb sailing.
Fishing has been successful. Fresh fish again for tea last night - Paddy's interpretation of fish and chips with a tomato salad. We had to stop him deep frying the chocolate in order to make room for the compulsory melon. We are now freezing what we catch. Fresh food is starting to suffer with rising air and sea temperatures. We're keeping a close eye on the stocks stowed in lockers and cooking up fruit before it goes off.  Marwyn's top tip for lettuce is working a treat - wrap in damp paper towel and then brown paper and store in fridge.
We think we will reach the half way mark after dinner tonight - Paddy needs to find the celebratory bourneville and get it in the fridge.