Dec 6

Tue 6 Dec 2011 12:33
12Z posn 16 52.9N 055 55.0W
Our hopes of sailing the complete passage ended last night. There is a very active depression to the North leaving below it a huge Carribean area of light winds. Last night we came through the rubbish below it - 2 watches had over 2 1/2 hours of monsoon rain and the third lucky with 30 minutes. The good side is it ended with a spectacularly clear dawn and we are now motor sailing in clear blue sunshine. Boarding Pass looks a little like a Chinese laundry with drying clothes everywhere - I came off watch last night so wet and cold that by the time I dried out I nneeded a duvet to warm up.
Looking ahead the strongest forecast vwind in next 2 days is 9 kts so it looks like engine all the way., Presently we are on long range cruise at 6.25 kts to conserve fuel - with 333 to run to Antigua it looks like Thursday afternoon. This morning we put the ships clocks back 1 hour with the final hour to go back on arrival.
All well in good spirits - commnts about too many "Fish" meals not being taken seriously. Continuous buzz of engine offset by small sea and easy motion.