Being over taken by every one :-( 17:25.88N 59:11.72W

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Fri 19 Mar 2010 14:51
The winds from the east did turn up but they seem to be from the south east.
Quite big waves and ~20knot winds. Fortunately we are able to keep rowing in
these conditions but as we are trying to go South West they are not really
helping boat speed, with us still doing 2.5knots with both of us rowing.
This contrasted to the boats further south who will be reaping the full
benefits of this weather and are probably doing 3+knots with minimal effort.
As a result we have dropped back a few more places in the race. We are
keener just to get to land than worry about places really but being over
taken after 75 days by boats who we have been ahead of since the first five
minutes after the start, well I'm sure you can imagine how that feels. Just
proves how this race is about physical fitness, determination, endurance and
skill but that all the above can be thrown away by one ill made decision (me
deciding that we should run north with wind 2 weeks back assuming that we
would be blown back south later...)
On a much more positive note we can now see the boat on the same screen as
land on the GPS! This is a great feeling and we just have to keep plodding
on till we get there.