Day 9/10

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Thu 14 Jan 2010 19:28

Quite a rough night last night due some awkward swell directions. I (Paul) managed to pull a hamstring slightly as was in agony most night bt seems fine now, prob just slight cramp. Very sunny today with some nice steep waves which are great fun to row on btu may not always take you in the entirely right direction! There is meant to be a front coming in over the weekend but quite where we dont know but hopefully miss worst of it. The wind can go very light after them passing through which makes pushing the boat along harder bt also leaves us with no cooling breeze! Jim saw quite a large fish keeping pace with our rudder just before i saw what looked like a 4ft fishy missile come clean out the water by 5ft before splashing back in- very exciting, though still waiting for a swordfish. Had a bt of a clean up in cabin today, unfortunately at night unless its very still all the hatches are shut which makes it v humid and everythinid damp. Covered about 500 nautical miles since start which is about 55 miles so seems to be ok, hopefully some of that is towards Antigua!


Just a quick thank you to those people that have put messages on, we cant unfortunately read them,but if you can copy us in to the message at atlanticvets {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com we will get it.