17:48.53N 42:35.69W

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Mon 15 Feb 2010 19:08

Wind and waves still coming from the north but after last night being rather awkward torow in, today has been alt better with the forecast meant to look good for the next week or so. Able to maintain 2.5kts most of the day so far, bit of a bumpy ride due to the waves from the side but as long as we are moving towards Antigua we don’t mind too much. Our second jetboil burner which we use to heat our water has now broken as well so we have to light it using matches, suposedly waterproof, bt usually takes 4 or 5 attempts. Fortunately we have a packet of matches per person per dry food day pack so plenty to spare. Still hot here but not as bed as last few days due to the cooling breeze. Our fishy friends are still with us and the storm Petrel (possibly called Pete) comes and visits most evenings. Just about to drop below the 1100 mile to go barrier  so with good conditions we wil hope to go through 1000nm early on Wednesday.