Sea Anchor 20:35.84N 32:45.21W

Atlantic Vets Blog
Paul Milnthorpe / Jim Houlton
Wed 27 Jan 2010 12:05
Yesterday was OK with winds from South East to start, as the day went on the
wind shifted to Southerly then South West. Over night it started coming
straight from the West. We were making less and less headway in the right
direction last night due to Westerly winds. At 7 am GMT we put out the sea
anchor in an attempt to get some rest and stop being blown backwards. We
actually seam to be making some headway (a staggering 0.2 knots!) toward
Antigua (into the winds and waves) while on the sea anchor, this must be due
to the ocean currents. We are now trying to rest while both shoe-horned into
the cabin but have managed to eat some food and catch some patchy sleep. It
is not just a waiting game till we suspect our rowing is stronger than the
wind and waves so we can head west.
Jim and Paul